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About Dion

From his travels to the Opera House of Sydney, Australia to the Champs Elysee in Paris, France, to the Duomo in Milan, Italy, Dion Miál has a natural propensity for immersing himself in and adapting to the norms and nuances of many cultures. Though born and raised in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, California, this man of many talents is able to genuinely appeal to people of various backgrounds and generations through his diverse life experiences, as well as through his own ethnic diversity, a unique mixture of African and Native American, English and French heritage.

“Life is big and self-expression and creativity are fundamental and limitless,” Dion muses. It is this perspective that eventually led to the creation of Dion Miál Design. Focused, committed, youthful and engaging, Dion masterfully demonstrates his genuine appreciation and celebration of life and the human spirit, transcending any demographic with whatever project or endeavor he is charged.  This proves to be his greatest gift when he has been called upon to design for such luminaries as Siegfried & Roy, topping the list of his unique and discerning clients from across the United States.

Following his studies of engineering, psychology and biology at Loyola Marymount University, Miál’s design career began with an apprenticeship with one of Denver’s premiere designers, acknowledging his fresh and unique approach to the design discipline, as evidenced in Dion’s very own living space.  As they say in Hollywood, the rest is history, and Dion, though nationally mobilized, now finds himself based between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

As an honored and award-winning creative, specializing in creating interior and exterior “lifescapes” for his residential, entertainment and corporate clients, this “Dr. Phil of Design” has made his mark in the industry, employing his stern philosophy of creating spaces that are distinctly reflective of the personality and lifestyle of the client, at times, abandoning the basic rules and confines of any specific design theme or motif.  Asserting that his clients are multifaceted and multidimensional, Dion’s eclectic and personalized approach to design has proven to be liberating and unimposing, as showcased in, and among numerous local projects, a California beach house, the Magician’s Lair and Fantasia for Siegfried & Roy, or Denver, Colorado’s Parade of Homes and Show Home For Hope, benefiting Hospice of Metro Denver.  Also garnering the attention of numerous real estate professionals, Dion is also engaged to consult with high-end custom home builders or to independently transform the interiors and exteriors of hundreds of multi-family residential units and buildings throughout Southern California from passé to “marketplace contemporary.”  Even the corporate executive  “comes a callin’” when they want Dion’s trademark comfort and warmth to fill an otherwise cold and austere office suite.   

What sets this designer apart from the rest of his colleagues?  Without question, it is Dion’s ability and commitment to serve as the expert creative interpreter, first, and the technician, second, in the interest of remaining true to the breadth and wealth of creativity, to the environmental personalization, and to the prescribed budget!


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